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Real spacetime, relativity, dark energy...

Beta-effect and Spacetime

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.16608.94723

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The introduction of the quantum theory and the spacetime generated a lot of disputes in the physics. In most cases scientists speak about space-time continuum as a substantial value, but I couldn't find any consistent real definition for that.
The pingpong ball test gives a new meaning to the spacetime. Anybody can repeat this test with a digital kitchen balance, a pingpong ball and a rocket. If we draw slowly the rocket closer to the surface of the balance while the ball is bounced the frequency is increasing while the speed and the motion energy of the ball is almost constant or reducing. The balance shows higher running-average of the force. The higher frequency produces higher impact with the ball and its ambiance or background. Almost same motion energy can cause different impact with different event-series. This complex effect is called: Beta-effect. You can't separate the "time" and the other part of the event. No independent time and space dimensions can be defined in the physical space.
The molecules of the gas show same motion energy transport with other molecules and their neighborhood. The Beta-effect drive the energy transport between the molecules - all molecules and moving objects - in the space. It is a real dependency "network". The"Beta-effect kind" spacetime naturally connects all materials and events in the macro- and micro space. This natural network speaks about a general information system also which is valid from the creation.
Our real spacetime with consistent definition is familiar with the real results of the quantum-theory, the general-relativity and the continuum-physics also. This spacetime projects the history of the Universe in real process and calculates with "dark-" and "ordinary" energy or matter.

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Real spacetime, relativity, dark energy...